I am annorwereko

Your BPO Advisor

Do you want to start a contact center operation? Seeking to improve the performance of an existing contact center operation? 
Do you want training for your sales and customer services teams? 
Do you want the services of highly trained and very professional customer support advisors or customer service agents?

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I have a proven track record for meeting timelines for implementation and continually measuring progress to ensure long-term successes, alongside effectively communicating with the client and giving real-time updates on progress as per my client’s requirements.
I work diligently to understand your business and market niche providing the best solutions to your outsourcing needs.


I have over 15 years of practical experience in the BPO competitive market industry, an experienced professional in consultancy, sourcing, training, and development, serving each client in a personalized way.

I am more than your BPO Advisor. I work incessantly to represent your brand with a game plan to stay on top. 

Problem Solving Skills

I carefully evaluate each problem, identify and generate relevant and consistent goals and objectives, assess them each step of the way, and implement the chosen solution practically.

100% Teamwork

annorwereko believes in synergy; the belief that we accomplish more working together than the sum of our individual efforts. We, therefore, have a solid team that harnesses the core competencies of each other to birth transformational results for our clients.
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